What Is The Full Form Of Adgp?

Who is higher IG or DGP?

Each state police force is headed by an IPS officer in the rank of Director General of Police.

The Commissioner of Police may be of the rank of Additional DGP, or IGP but can also be in the rank of DIGP..

Who is best IPS officer in Tamilnadu?

Dr. C. Sylendra BabuC. Sylendra BabuDGP Dr. C. Sylendra Babu IPSAlma materNational Police Academy University of Madras Tamil Nadu Agricultural University Agricultural College and Research Institute, Madurai Annamalai University Bharathidasan University Hindustan UniversityPolice careerDepartmentIndian Police Service6 more rows

Which is the highest post in police?

State Police Officer And, depending on the number of years in the service and achievements an IPS officer will become eligible for the post Director and Inspector General of Police (DGP). DGP is the highest ranking police officer.

How do I become Adgp?

The IG rank officers should have completed 25 years of service as IPS officer for becoming eligible for the rank of ADGP. Whereas for promotion to the rank of DGP, an ADGP rank officer should have completed 30 years of service as IPS officer.

Who is the ADGP of Punjab police?

Gaurav YadavSh.Gaurav Yadav, IPS ADGP/Admn.

Is IPS a gazetted officer?

They are gazetted officers of the Highest class. They are placed in level 10 and above in Civilian and Defence Pay matrices. Pay Scale is not the only criterion for deciding the classes. Central and State Government Employees with A service rules (IPS, IAS, IES, SDPO, ASP, ACP, IGP, DSP, IFS, DIB, DIG, SSP, etc.)

Is IPS exam difficult?

The Indian Police Services (IPS) comes under the umbrella of the Civil Services Examination (CSE), which is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) annually. … The Civil Services Examination is among the toughest exam in the country and a lakh of aspirants appear for the exam every year.

Who is SSP of Jalandhar?

Officer ListName Of OfficerPhone OfficeDr. Sandeep Kumar Garg, IPS SSP/Jal (R) dpo.jalr.police@punjab.gov.in0181-2220126, 0181-2220136Sh. Ravi Kumar, IPS SP HQ sphqjalr@gmail.com-Sh. Manpreet Singh,PPS SP/Investigation spdjalandharr@gmail.com0181-2220126, 0181-2220136Sh Parminder Singh Heer, PPS SP PBI15 more rows

What is IPS full form?

The full form of IPS is Indian Police Service, and it is one of the three All India Services. The elite Indian Police Service is not a security force but provides commanders to take higher-level posts in the state police machinery and the Central Armed Police Forces (CAPF).

What is the salary of DGP?

IPS Salary in India – IPS Ranks – 7th Pay CommissionTime ScaleRankPay ScaleAbove Super-Time ScaleAdditional Director General Of Police (ADG)Rs.67000-79000Above Super-Time ScaleDirector General of Police (DG)Rs.75500-80000 (Increment @ 3%) (HAG)Rs.80000 (Fixed)6 more rows•Dec 11, 2020

Do all IPS become IG?

An IPS gets the Senior Administrative Grade (SAG) after 18 years of service. At this stage of his / her career he / she become an Inspector General of Police (IG). In SAG she is entitled to have the grade pay of 10000.

What is IPS syllabus?

The IPS Syllabus for Civil Services Prelims Exam is as follows: Syllabus of Paper I (General Studies – I) Current events of national and international importance. History of India and The Indian National Movement. Indian and World Geography-Physical, Social, Economic Geography of India and the World.

What is full form of A to Z?

A to Z Full FormsSr.No.Sort NameFull Form07ASCIIAmerican Standard Code for Information Interchange08ASICApplication Specific Integrated Circuit09ASPIAdvanced SCSI Programming Interface10ATAdvanced Technology154 more rows

Who is IG of Tamil Nadu?

S.NODESIGNATIONOFFICER NAME2ADGP Law and OrderDr. K.Jayanth Murali IPS3SPL.DGP Admin.Thiru P.Kandaswamy IPS4ADGP Hqrs.Tmt. Seema Agrawal IPS5IGP AdminThiru Santosh Kumar IPS13 more rows

Who is Dinkar Gupta?

The present DGP of Punjab Police is Dinkar Gupta since 7 February 2019. He is an IPS officer of 1987 batch.