Question: Should I Put A Topcoat On Color Street Nails?

Why are my color Street nails not sticking?

If your package of Color Street is too cold, then the nail strips will be stiff and will be difficult to apply.

They will have difficulty adhering to your nails..

Will color street damage my nails?

The Color Street nail strips are made with 100% real nail polish. They are not vinyl like other brands. … When done properly (with remover and they aren’t just pulled off) Color Street does not damage the nail like acrylics do.

How much color street do you have to sell to stay active?

But there is a requirement within a 6 month period to stay active. We have something called Bonus Qualifying (BQ for short). When you BQ for the month, it means you have at least $300.00 in sales. In order to be considered active, you must BQ once in a 6 month period.

How do you make a street color last longer?

8 Tips – Your Go To Guide for Long Lasting Color Street NailsFirst! Make sure the nail strips are at room temperature.Second! Wash your hands with this dish soap.Third! Push your cuticles back with this cuticle pusher.Fourth! File, buff and polish your nails.Fifth! Clean them with alcohol prep pads.Sixth! Double layer them.Seventh! … Eighth!More items…•

How long does color Street last in package?

1 yearFactory sealed shelf life is 1 year from date of purchase when stored properly. Strips should be stored away from direct sunlight and at room temperature. It is possible that with favorable storage conditions, product over a year old is still in usable condition.

Which is better Jamberry vs color Street?

Because Color Street is 100% nail polish, it behaves like a high quality chip resistant nail polish. However that is chip resistant, not chip proof. Jamberry pretty much stays put (at least in my experience) so it is the clear winner. The Color Street wraps are WAY faster to apply than Jamberry.

Do you put a clear coat over color Street?

Can you use a top coat? Sure! And Color Street even has an extra clear nail polish strip you can apply called Clear as Day. You can wear Clear as Day over another Color Street strip, over bare nails, or even over other nail polish.

How do you stop color street from chipping?

How to Fix Tip Wear on Color StreetWhen applying the nail strip be sure to fold the polish over the nail and break it away without pulling. … Try leaving a little bit of the polish folded under the nail for at least 30 minutes to prevent the polish from pulling back while it cures.More items…

Can I use a base coat under color Street?

You can use Color Street over any base coat.

Can you peel off color Street nails?

Because Color Street is 100% nail polish all it takes to remove them is nail polish remover. The most efficient way is to use acetone nail polish remover; however, this can be drying to the nails. … If you do choose to use a non-acetone remover it will take a bit more time and ‘elbow grease’ to get the nail polish off.

Is color Street a pyramid scheme?

Is Color Street a pyramid scheme? Technically no, Color Street is not a pyramid scheme. You can earn money by selling their products and without recruiting anyone into the MLM company.