Question: Do You Have To Follow Inktober Prompts?

What’s wrong with Inktober?

Inktober is a worldwide event that artists have always participated in.

In October, every piece of artwork would be done in ink.

However, the event that was created for artists to celebrate inked artwork has been hijacked by the creator of Inktober himself, Jake Parker..

Can you start Inktober late?

Yes, why not. Do Inktober for you own satisfaction. Do it to improve your art skills. Do it to test yourself if you can continue any activity regularly.

How did Inktober start?

How did Inktober start? Inktober began in 2009 thanks to an artist who refers to himself as Mr Jake Parker. Jake says on the Inktober website that he started Inktober as a way of challenging himself to improve his ‘inking skills’ and as a way of ‘developing positive drawing habits’.

Can Inktober have color?

Inktober rules You can also use watercolour and markers to colour your drawing. Remember though, because the Inktober challenge is about keeping things simple, if you are going to use colour try to limit yourself to just one. If you want to sketch in a pencil and apply ink over that’s fine.

What is Huevember?

Huevember, or #huevember, is a month-long challenge during November in which artists use a limited color palette to make artwork. The colors and subject matter vary per artist, but the basic goal is to try new color combinations.

Can you use alcohol markers for Inktober?

ZIG INKTOBER 3 PCS INK SET Both Sumi and Black ink are smudge-proof with alcohol-based markers. ZIG White ink is highly opaque and ideal for highlights or corrections; the white ink covers other markings well and shows up distinctly on dark surfaces.

Do you erase pencil after inking?

5 Answers. That’s just how erasing works, for pencils. … If the pencil mark is below the ink mark, then removing such a layer of paper will remove a layer with ink on it, as well. The same activity that allows the graphite to bind to the eraser also picks up the ink particles.

What do you need for Inktober?

The first item on the list is just that, the list of words. Our list of Inktober 2019 prompts are set in a calendar-like grid that you can download for free….Phase 3: Advanced Ink Drawing Art SuppliesBrush pen. … Brush and ink. … Dip pen and ink. … Bristol board or watercolor paper.Color pencil for underdrawing. … Eraser.

What is the prompt for Inktober?

official prompt lists “wisps of smoke rose into the air” “wisps of her hair danced in front of her eyes.” Some might also notice a repeat of the word DIZZY from last year.

What is Drawcember?

Drawcember is an art challenge, that takes place in December. Its name comes from two words –December and Draw. Every Decmeber, artists from all around the world, create a drawing for each day of December. The prompts are mostly Christmas related. The challenge was created by the Disney Create in 2012.

Can you draw anything for Inktober?

A: You can draw whatever you’d like for your Inktober challenge. Just remember to follow copyright laws, and respect the original creator’s wishes.

How do you use Jake Parker ink?

Jake Parker has been inking for most of his drawing career. From comics to concept art, mastering the pen is essential for all artists. From his own studies and experience, insight from peers and mentors, and material from the best books on the subject he boils everything he’s learned about the art form into one class.

What drawing should I do?

Drawing Ideas: PeopleDraw a caricature of yourself.Depict yourself as a superhero.Draw self-portraits from different perspectives. … Sketch your hands in different positions. … Draw a close up of the eye. … Draw a self-portrait from your reflection in a spoon.Draw yourself double your age.More items…•

Is Inktober 2020 Cancelled?

On the same day, DeviantArt cancelled the 2020 Inktober Awards, a site-wide art event in collaboration with Parker that had only just been announced four days prior on August 24th.

What is MerMay?

MerMay is an art challenge that happens in May, where artists from all around the world draw mermaids. The name MerMay is a combination of two words – Mermaid, and May. It starts at the beginning of May and lasts till the end of the month – the challenge is to draw a mermaid every day during this time.

What are art prompts?

What is an Art Prompt Idea? An Art prompt Idea is basically a suggestion or a starting point for anyone that wants to draw or paint something. … Well now you have Art prompts suggested to you at the click of a button!