Is Varadero Better Than Cayo Coco?

How far is it from Cayo Coco to Varadero?

298 kmThe distance between Cayo Coco Island and Varadero is 298 km.

The road distance is 467.5 km..

Does Cuba have sharks?

Because Cuba’s beaches sit on the Caribbean, sharks are sometimes in the vicinity. This is part of the reason it is inadvisable to go swimming in the early evening or at night, when sharks tend to be the most active. There are also jellyfish in the water, so keep a good lookout.

Is Cayo Coco a city?

Cayo Coco (Cays) or (The Keys) is an island in central Cuba, known for its all-inclusive resorts….Cayo CocoProvinceCiego de ÁvilaMunicipalityMorónElevation4 m (13 ft)Time zoneUTC-5 (EST)6 more rows

Is Cayo Coco safe for tourists?

Cuba is generally a very safe country to visit; in fact it’s one of the safest destinations in all of the Americas, the crime rate is very low. Tourism is very important to Cuba’s economy so strict and prominent policing and guarding make the streets and hotels places where tourists usually feel safe.

Is Havana or Varadero better?

If it’s your first trip to Cuba, then definitely go to Havana, there is lots of ‘old’ stuff to see there. Varadero is mostly a long line of beach resorts, although there is a town to wandr around. Unless you are staying in Varadero, there are more interesting places to see.

What airport do you fly into for Cayo Coco Cuba?

Jardines del Rey AirportJardines del Rey Airport (Spanish: Aeropuerto de Jardines del Rey) (IATA: CCC, ICAO: MUCC) is an airport situated on the island of Cayo Coco, part of the Cuban province of Ciego de Ávila. It takes its name from the Jardines del Rey archipelago, which includes Cayo Coco.

What are the beaches like in Cayo Coco?

Playa Larga. Playa Larga is perhaps the most popular beach in Cayo Coco, a 2.6 kilometer stretch of perfect white sand and calm turquoise waters between Punta Rasa and Penon Las Coloradas. … Playa Prohibida. … Playa Las Conchas. … Playa Flamenco. … Playa las Coloradas.

What is the cheapest month to go to Cuba?

SeptemberHigh season is considered to be January, November and December. The cheapest month to fly to Cuba is September.

Is Cayo Coco open?

PAX – Cayo Santa María and Cayo Coco are open to tourism.

What part of Cuba has the nicest beaches?

Come out and playa: 6 of the best beaches in CubaVaradero. With heart-melting destinations like Cienfuegos and Trinidad on the south coast, you know it’s going to be a good scene down there. … Playa Ancon & La Boca. … Playa Paraiso. … Cayo Rico. … Baracoa. … Playa Los Pinos.

What is the newest resort in Cayo Coco Cuba?

Honestly, nicest, cleanest, newest resort on Cayo Coco – Review of Iberostar Selection Playa PilarIberostar Selection Playa Pilar.Cayo Guillermo Hotels.Cayo Guillermo.Jardines del Rey Archipelago.Ciego de Avila Province.Cuba.

What should you not eat in Cuba?

Don’t eat raw vegetables, fruits, or eggs These are all considered “high risk” foods are great examples of what not to eat in Cuba. The International Association for Medical Assistance for Travellers (IAMAT) offers this piece of advice: “BOIL IT, COOK IT, PEEL IT, OR FORGET IT.”

Where do celebrities stay in Cuba?

Where they stayHotel Saratoga.The hip Hotel Saratoga may just be the most luxurious of Cuban retreats, boasting such famous guests as Beyoncé and Jay Z, as well as Madonna. … Hotel Nacional de Cuba.Just on the edge of Havana Bay is the historic Hotel Nacional de Cuba, where supermodel Naomi Campbell sometimes stays.More items…•

Does WestJet fly to Havana?

Multi-destination offers – Havana & Varadero | WestJet official site.

How far is it from Havana to Cayo Coco?

411 kmThe distance between Cayo Coco Island and Havana is 411 km. The road distance is 526.8 km.

What is the best all inclusive resort in Cuba?

Best All-Inclusive Hotels in CubaMelia Cayo Coco. Cayo Coco, Cuba. … Royalton Hicacos Varadero Resort & Spa. Varadero, Cuba. … Melia Las Americas. Varadero, Cuba. … Paradisus Princesa Del Mar Resort & Spa. Varadero, Cuba. … Ocean Varadero El Patriarca. Varadero, Cuba. … Paradisus Varadero Resort & Spa. Varadero, Cuba. … Melia Varadero. Varadero, Cuba. … Sol Palmeras.More items…

What is the nicest part of Cuba?

The 10 Most Beautiful Spots In CubaOld Havana. Old Havana, or Habana Vieja, boasts UNESCO World Heritage status because the city is home to some of the best-preserved history in Cuba. … Baracoa. Baracoa is a little-known slice of paradise in Cuba. … Trinidad. … Playa Paraíso. … Cienfuegos. … Peninsula de Zapata. … Caya Coco. … The Malecón.

What is the most luxurious resort in Cuba?

9 of the Best Luxury Resorts in CubaRoyalton Hicacos Resort & Spa. … Hotel Tryp Habana Libre. … Hotel Playa Pesquero, Suite & Spa. … Paradisus Princesa del Mar Resort & Spa. … Melia Cayo Coco. … Hotel Playa Costa Verde. … Iberostar Laguna Azul. Credit: … Paradisus Varadero Resort. Credit: items…•